Must Have Items for Safely Walking Your Dog in the Dark

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Must Have Items to Safely Walk Your Dog in the Dark

Daylight savings time just started, and with it comes less daylight and darker nights. There’s one “person” who doesn’t care about the change, and that is your dog. He still needs exercise and proper mental stimulation which means going for a walk at night.

In addition to the coats and warmer clothes needed, you have to be prepared to walk him in the dark. Even with the benefit of street lights, if they are any on your way, you still must be concerned with many things that we can NOT see at night.

dog walking at night

Difficulties with Walking Your Dog at Night

Hazards on the Path

One concern with walking in the dark is what your dog may get in to. Sometimes they like to eat grass, other times be much worse such as droppings (ew!) he finds along the way. During the day, you can spot things easily and steer them away, or use the leash to redirect him, but at night, it’s a much bigger challenge.


It’s important for both of us to be aware of our surroundings, too. Even though you may take a couple of known paths during the day, at night it’s easy to get turned around. The usual landmarks you are familiar with aren’t as easily visible at night. After it’s dark, it’s best to try to stick to the most familiar and well-lit route for our walks.

Other Animals

It’s also important to be on the lookout for other animals. Between raccoons, deer, rabbits, and cats it may cause your dog to chase after them. This can be both heart wrenching and unsafe for your dog. It can be difficult to track them down, or worse if they were to get hurt.

Cars and Safety

Always try to remember is to walk against the traffic. Cars can see you much earlier in oncoming traffic than by the traffic going in the same direction. Plus, you can get out of the way quicker, if you see it coming in front of you. With the reflective gear listed below it’s going to make you even more visible.

Dogs still needs exercise, day or night, so to help them be seen (and safe!), I’ve invested in some special accessories to help keep the both of us safe during our nighttime walks. Here are a few items to consider:

Best Gear for Walking your Dog Safely at Night

Waggin Tails Dual Handle Leash with Reflective Stitching

The waggin tails reflective leash comes with dual padded handles, is trainer approved and is 6 feet long. This is a great leash for medium to larger dogs and helps reflect any headlights to be more easily seen. It is also available in 11 colors and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Wagtime reflective night time dog leash

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Illumiseen LED Night Time Dog Leash

No street lights, no problem. For those walking in areas that are really dark the Illumiseen LED Dog Leash is perfect. Vehicles will DEFINITELY see your dog with this leash. Available in 4 ft or 6 ft lengths, this LED leash has a USB rechargeable battery, that lasts for 5 hours at a time. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Illumiseen Night Time Dog Leash

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SafetyPUP XD Reflective Vests

The SafetyPup Reflective Vest is a sight to see, which is perfect for in the dark. Available in 5 sizes, extra small to extra-large, these vests help keep your dog visible on or off the leash. They are also durable enough that they can be worn during the day which is nice during hunting season to make sure your pup doesn’t look like a deer. This vest is made of premium quality, rip resistant Oxford weave fabric, and is available in 5 colors. We also try and choose products that offer a money back guarantee and this is no different.

Safetypup night time dog vest

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Does your dog get dirty in the winter? Check out the best dog paw washers.

JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness with Reflective Stitching

The JUXH Dog Harness no pull harness is perfect for any bigger dog as it provides reflective material and helps as a harness making those walks easier. It is made of scratch resistant Oxford material and nylon webbing that has 3M reflective material built into the stitching. It has a comfortable lightweight mesh lining and is available in 9 colors.

Juxzh Night time walking dog harness with reflective material

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Mighty Paw Reflective Dog Collar

The Might Paw Waterproof Collar is perfect for the cold and often wet winter.  With a coated nylon webbing and a reflective stripe, this collar is smell-proof and waterproof.  The material is incredibly easy to clean, just wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel and it’s good as new. This collar comes in 3 sizes, and 2 colors.

Mighty Paw Reflective Cog Collar

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TEQIN LED Flashing Shoe Safety Clip 

The TEQIN LED safety clip is perfect to put on the back of any walking shoe. The safety clip lights up with bright LED lighting and is easily fastened to any athletic shoe, alerting other walkers and vehicles of your location. The clip is battery operated, gives you between 70 – 100 hours of steady or flash mode of lighting and is available in 3 different colored lights.

TEQIN LED shoes clip for night time walking

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Just because it’s darker soon does not mean that pups doesn’t need the exercise any more. There are still effective ways to walk your dog at night. It’s not a bad thing for us, either. With proper preparation the proper accessories, we can still enjoy our walks in the evening.