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Suit Up Your Dog With A Running Harness

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The Best Running Harness for your Dog

Man’s best friend needs just as much exercise as you do. Without at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, your cheerful pup can become frustrated, lethargic, or overweight. [1] A running harness can help you train your puppy, log more miles, and keep your dog safe in over-stimulating environments.

Upgrade your daily walks with a running harness that will keep your pup fit, comfortable, and healthy. Whether you’re looking to take your dog on the trail or your neighborhood jogs, a harness is superior to a basic collar.

Harnesses put you in control. Their durable, design prevents injuries, as traditional collars can put stress on your dog’s neck and lead to [tissue and thyroid gland damage]. [2] Likewise, with features like reflective material, dual point leash attachment, and soft-touch, breathable fabric your dog will be comfortable, safe, and secure.

Our  favorite harnesses offer the best safety, adjustability, and comfort for both you and your dog.

Run the Distance with the Ruffwear Adventure Harness

Built for dogs on the go, the Ruffwear Adventure Harness is designed for all day wear and tear with reinforced webbing and heavy duty construction. Adjustable to your dog’s size, the soft-touch chest panel keeps your dog snug and secure without cutting into his armpits.

Ruffwear Adventure hardness for running

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Easy On and Off Access with the Tuff Mutt Running Harness

Extremely easy to put on, the Tuff Mutt Harness is great for dogs who won’t sit still. Easily suit up and get going, without sacrificing your dog’s safety or comfort. After a long trail day, easily remove the harness and wash it. The Tuff Mutt harness has 4 straps that make it easy to customize to your dogs fit. This is especially beneficial for medium and larger dog breeds that tend to be different shapes.

Tuff Mutt Running Harness

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One Size Fits All with the Ruffwear Web Master Running Harness

Five points of adjustment make the Ruffwear Web Master Harness a must for any escape artist. The secure fit makes this harness ideal for all dogs, even those with special needs like amputees. Maintain a good grip on your dog on all terrain, without sacrificing your dog’s mobility.

Ruffwear web Master running harness

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Handle and Control with the Tail Up Dog Harness

Complete with a built-in handle, easily train and control your dog with the Tail Up Dog Harness. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold on to your dog, even while running in busy intersections or coming across another dog. The harness has reflective material for those evening time runs. One of our favorite aspects is the easy on and off that the harness offers.

Tail Up Dog Running Harness

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Stay at Running Pace with the PoyPet Running Harness

Designed with heavy duty reflective straps and stitching, the PoyPet Reflective Harness provides the ultimate visibility, no matter the conditions or time of day. Ideal for smaller dogs the breathable mesh fabric will keep your dog cool on long hikes. This running harness comes in on the less expensive side of the equation.

PoyPet Running Harness

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Go for Gold with the Embark Adventure Harness

Thoughtfully designed, the Embark Adventure Harness is built for marathons with military grade materials and anti-chafe padding. Provide extra support for your senior dog, or adjust to account for your dog’s bulky growth. We like where the leash attaches to provide better control and still be comfortable for the dog. The Embark harness also claims to be 250% stronger than most harnesses.

Embark Dog Running Harness

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From safety to comfort to style, harnesses are a better fit for both you and your dog’s needs. A running accessory must, a harness can help both you and your dog log miles both on and off the beaten path.