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The Best Hair Brush for Golden Retrievers

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The Best Hair Brush for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are undoubtedly one of the most beloved dog breeds. They’re known for being loyal, gentle, and loving dogs. They are also known for their less desirable quality of shedding excessively.

daks pet brushThey have so much hair! Luckily, shedding is a problem that you can easily manage at home with the most appropriate brushes. Our favorite brush for golden retrievers is the Dak Pets Brush.

A golden retriever’s coat is made up of two coats—a topcoat and a bottom coat. The topcoat is water resistant and coarse, while the undercoat is thick and soft. This undercoat grows thick in the winter, sheds in the spring, and is thinner throughout the summer. These seasonal changes in a golden retriever’s undercoat means that they require almost weekly grooming to minimize stray hairs collecting in your home, and to facilitate healthy shedding. Below are some of the best brushes to maintain your golden retriever’s healthy coat.

How often Should you Brush Your Dog?

This is one of the most common questions we get. The animal humane society recommends that you brush your dog every few days no matter how long their coat is. This will help keep your pups coat looking healthy and keep the mats out. This allows provides a great bonding activity and most dogs love it, so you won’t mind doing it every few days.

How to Brush your Dog Correctly

  1. Start by brushing at the head of the top of the dog
  2. Work towards the legs and fluff the dogs neck
  3. Do some brush strokes in the opposite direction of the coat to get some of the hard reach mats
  4. Make sure to check for ticks and other skin health
  5. Go gentle on the belly hair and make sure to give lots of love pets

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The Best Undercoat Brush for Golden Retrievers

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush

The Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush is perfect for smoothing out mats, loose hair, and dirt from your golden’s undercoat. With a push of a button this clever brush cleans the fur out of the bristles, which guarantees a quick and easy clean up.

Hertzko Self Cleaning dog Brush

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Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush

The Pro Quality slicker brush is made with short stainless steel bristles that comb out dander, knots, and dead hairs, all while feeling gentle on your dog’s skin. Your golden will love the feel of this brush, and clean up is easy as ever with its self cleaning feature. It even comes in three different sizes, and a variety of colors.

Pet Portal Slicker Dog Slicker Brush

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The Best Top Coat Brushes for Golden Retrievers

Dak Pets Shedding Dog Brush 

The Daks Pets Brush long and thin brush is perfect for de-shedding your golden retriever, and will help to smooth out any problems in the topcoat. The comb even detaches from the handle, which is perfect for any hard to reach areas. The stainless steel comb is four inches long, which quickly covers wide areas of fur. You’ll be surprised by the amount of fur this brush picks up!

Dakpets Dog Brush

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Happy Dogz Magic Pro Dog Brush

The Happy Dogs Magic Pro Brush removes loose topcoat hairs so well you might think it’s magic! Happy Dogz Magic Pro De-shedding tool is three inches wide, and is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. This brush will help maintain a shiny and healthy topcoat, all while give you more time to play with your puppy rather than cleaning up after him!

Happy Dogz dog Brush

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The Best Finishing Combs for Golden Retrievers after Brushing

Andy’s Pet Steel Comb

Andy’s Pet Steel Comb is perfect for finishing and fluffing your golden’s coat after a thorough brush. The stainless steel comb will stimulate your dog’s skin and hair follicles, and will provide the perfect finishing touch for an expertly groomed dog. It is 10.5 inches long and has fine teeth on one end, and wider spaced teeth on the other.

Andis Dog comb

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Hertzko 2 Pack Dog Combs

These Hertzko 2-Pack Pet Combs are perfect for covering large areas of your dog’s coat and getting into those smaller hard to reach areas. This two-pack includes one 7-inch long comb, and one 5-inch long comb. The rounded ends of the combs’ teeth are perfect for golden retrievers with sensitive skin, and the comfortable rubber handle will prevent your wrist and hand from straining while brushing.

Hertzko Dog Brush

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No matter what choices of brushes or combs you choose your golden retriever’s coat will be looking healthier, have less shedding, and will receive countless compliments on your trips to the dog park. Keep the shedding under control with proper coat management.

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