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The Best Fish Treats to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

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The Best Fish Treats to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

We all want the very best for our pets. When you love your dog, you want to make sure you provide the best things to support their health and happiness. That’s one of the reasons people give their dogs treats. They’re useful for training, showing affection, as well as supporting their nutrition! While many dog owners choose meat or chicken treats, there are many benefits in choosing the best fish dog treats.

Benefits of Fish Dog Treats

Fish dog treats are great sources of lean protein for your dog. It’s a great alternative for dogs who have protein sensitivity, but it’s also a great all-around treat, since dogs love its taste! Here are some more benefits of giving your dog fish treats:

  • Good source of Omega 3, which supports development and brain and vision health
  • Supports skin and coat health
  • Protein that’s easily digestible
  • Supports their immune system
  • Supports joint health
  • Helps the fishing industry reduce waste by using all parts of the fish

Your Dog Will Love These Fish Treats

Fish treats are among the healthiest dog treats. If you’re interested in seeing the benefits of fish dog treats for your pooch, here are some of the best brands to try.

Zesty Paws Omega Bites Dog Treats

Of the top rated dog treats out there, Zesty Paws Omega Bites is a great one to try! These treats contain liquid fish oil to soften fur and skin. They also help maintain joint health by lubricating the joints and hips to aide with mobility in older dogs. They are a great treat for any breed age, or size.

The special Alaska Omega ingredient is made from MSC certified Wild Alaskan Pollock, which provides pure fatty acids. The treats also include many other vitamins that can help reduce things like itching and shedding. Their natural ingredients support heart and immune system function, and they have a great flavor that dogs love.

Omega Bites alaska fish oil dog treats

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IMK9 Freeze Dried Alaskan Sokeye Salmon Dog Treats

IMK9 Freeze Dried Alaskan Sokeye Salmon is another all natural dog treat that taste great. These small bites of natural salmon are great for keeping dogs engaged and motivated during training. It’s a natural product that even humans can enjoy; the ingredients include nothing but freeze dried salmon with the skin still on.

IMK9 add no extra ingredients and no artificial additives. You can even soak them in water to watch them turn into moist chunks of real salmon! These fish dog treats provide support with Omega-3, Omega-6, and other vitamins like zinc, Vitamins A, B12, and D. Another benefit of these fish dog treats? They’re made right here in the USA.

IMK9 All Natural Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats

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Strawfield Wild Alaskan Salmon Dog Treats

The next of the best fish dog treats is Strawfield’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Chews. These treats are great for small, medium, and large breeds of any age. They provide support for joint, heart, and brain health. They also support a healthy coat and skin by preventing shedding and creating a shiny coat.

These fish treats contain Omega-3, 6, and 9 to help fight dry skin and inflammation. They contain no grain, gluten, sugar, salt, nor gumming agents. They are said to improve canine joint health and promote mobility and arthritis relief. These dog treats are made in the USA with a no-heat process to preserve the vitamins and minerals.

Wild Alaskan salmon dog treats

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Honest Kitchen Beams Fish Skin Dog Treats

The Honest Kitchen Beams Fish Skin Dental Chews are another great choice for fish dog treats. It’s a fish stick for dogs that has just one ingredient—wild caught fish skins. These sticks support healthy teeth and gums in dogs.

Made in the USA with no by-products, these fish treats are great for dogs of any age. They can help support digestion, increase energy, improve skin and coat, increase appetite, and improve weight. The Honest Kitchen takes pride in their high quality standards by making “100% Human-Grade” products.

ocean chews fish dog treats

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Pure Paw Pure Fish & Lobster Dog Snacks

Looking for something new to try with your dog? Check out the Pure Paw Pure Fish & Lobster Treats. They’re made with just three ingredients: fish, lobster, and kelp. The wild caught fish and lobster come from Iceland, and are great for a healthy brain, heart, skin, and coat.

These treats can also help reduce plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth. They are free of additives and artificial ingredients and are ideal for protein-sensitive dogs. This human-grade natural product is high in protein and Omega-3, and they can also provide support for the digestive system, kidneys, and thyroid.

Pure paw lobster and fish dog treats

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Each of these fish dog treats provide various benefits for your dog. Check them out, and share what works for your best furry pal!

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