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The Best Dog Paw Washer for Mud and Dirt

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The Best Dog Paw Washer

A dog paw washer can be the simplest yet most important tool for a happy house. Dogs and humans both love fall for the crunchy leaves, cool weather, and fresh smells. With fall comes the inevitable icky weather of winter. Winter is almost upon us, which means snow, rain, and mud. When you let your dog outside to play he will soon return with wet, mud-coated paws. Cleaning up dirty paw tracks throughout your house is a huge pain, but luckily there is a solution. Dog paw washers make cleaning your dog’s paws super easy, and will keep the great outdoors where it belongs, not tracked along your floor and furniture.

We all have those days where the dog gets into some dirty fun like this:

What is a Paw Washer?

A paw washer is a small device that that helps you wash your dogs paw without getting mud or dirt everywhere. They usually have finger like plastic projections that help grab and trap mud and dirt. You can move the bottom part and twist it to get the paws clean. The best part if that it keeps water and dirt from getting all over the place.

How to Use a Paw Washer

Paw washers are clever devices meant specifically for washing your dog’s dirty paws. Paw washers come in several different styles, but they usually look like a cup with flexible bristles on the top. You fill the cup with warm water, then guide your dog’s paw into the cup to clean it up. These paw washers are really convenient because they are portable and keep the mess contained. Below are some of the best dog paw washers that you’ll need this winter.

The Best Paw Washers to Keep the House Free of Dirt and Mud

Dexas Mudbuster Paw Washer

The Dexas Mudbuster washer comes in three sizes and three delightfully vibrant colors. Silicone bristles are gentle on your dog’s feet, while getting any dirt or debris out from small spaces in the paw. All this paw washer requires is a little water, and it’s removable silicone insert is super easy to clean.

Dexas Mudbuster Paw Cleaner

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Paw Plunger Paw Washer

The Paw Plunger washer is one of the biggest on the market, and is recommended for dogs that weigh over 75 pounds. The large paw plunger has a wide mouth (about 9 ½ inches wide!) and is 9 ¾ inches tall. The handle makes it super portable, and you can easily take it apart to clean.

Paw Plunger Dog Paw Washer

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SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash

The Ski Innovations Paw Boss paw washer looks different from many of the other brands because it has a clever design that allows you to soak each paw in clean water without changing out the water after every paw. This works by filling a clean water reservoir, then tilting it into different cups so you never have to use the same dirty water twice! It might sound kind of complicated, but tons of reviews confirm that it’s actually super simple to use. There are brushes on the bottom of the container to remove all stubborn dirt, and the paw opening is 3 ½ inches wide.

Ski Innovations Dog Paw Washer

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Upgrade Dog Paw Washer

The Upgrade dog paw cleaner has a sleek all blue silicone design, which is super soft and effective for cleaning muddy paws. The design is portable, and the top grippe can even be removed. To clean this paw washer, all you need to do is pour out the dirty water and give it a quick rinse. When you order this paw washer it will come with a bonus extra absorbent towel for drying off your dog’s feet!

Upgrade dog paw washer

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Pawley and Woof Dog Paw Cleaner

The Pawley and Woof paw washer is one of the best bundles that you can buy. It’s the perfect size to take with you no trips to the beach or for a hike to keep those paws clean.  This bundle comes in two sizes, comes with a travel bag, and they even throw in a bonus dog seatblet for safety in getting to your destination. This paw washer quickly removes all unwanted dirt, and easily contains the mess to the container.

Pawley and Woof Dog Paw Washer

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Whichever dog washer seems to be the best option for you and your furr baby give it a try. Don’t let the mud and dirt of the winter season keep your dog from enjoying the outdoors.

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