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The Best Dog Car Seat Cover to Keep your Car Spotless

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The Best Dog Car Seat Cover

You consider your dog a part of the family. You enjoy being with him and he loves going places with you in the car, be it to pick up the kids, do errands or go on a weekend trip. However, the seats in your car can get soiled or covered with fur, dirt and claw marks. Throwing down a towel, sheet or blanket does little to protect your car seats. You can take great pride in having a clean car and still relish the company of Fido by using a pet car seat cover.

What is a Dog Car Seat Cover?

A dog seat cover is a is cover that you put over the back seat to protect your car. It often involves two straps go around the back seat headrest and two anchors the go between the back and the bucket of the seats to hold it place. Some of the car seat covers can also attack to the head rests of the front two seats to create a hammock type of seat cover. This is great if there is an extremely dirty dog or expected mud to get everywhere. One of the main details we love about the car seat covers is that they are removable. This makes them easy to clean with a hose and some soapy water or to put away if you need the back seat for people.

What are the Different Type of Dog Car Seat Covers?

Hammock Style Car Seat Cover

These are most common for cars that have a bench back seat or even a bench 3rd row in some vehicles. The Hammock style covers offer the greatest dirt protection and also block your dog from trying to get into the front seat which can be handy for some dogs. These usually anchor to the headrest with 4 straps.

Bench Car Seat Cover

The bench seat covers are similar to the hammock but usually won’t attach to the headrests in front of the seat. They protect the seat from dirt, rocks, and dog nails. These typically stay in place with 2 anchors that fit between the back and the bucket of the seeat.

Bucket Car Seat Cover

Bucket seat covers are typically for smaller dogs but not always. These cover and protect the front bucket seat or if your vehicle comes with two bucket seats in the back area. We all know a dog that loves to ride in the front seat.

Cargo Car Seat Cover

The cargo area cover protects the cargo area of your car. This can make it more comfortable for your pup with easier grip, more room to lie down, and covers a larger area. These are especially helpful if you have larger dogs or even two dogs that are covered in mud!

Benefits of Using a Dog Seat Cover

Dog car seat covers are helpful because:

  • They protect both leather and fabric car seats from drool, nails, muddy paws, and occasional accidents
  • It’s quicker and easier to clean up the dog hair off of the car cover than the nightmare of spending hours trying to get it off your car seat
  • They are easily stored in your trunk, and are easy to put on or take them off within minutes depending upon if you have human passengers or your fur family
  • It keeps your dog calm and gives him a safe place of his own in the car where he can look out the window or play with his favorite toys

Keep your dog safe and your car clean with the following pet car seat covers:

The Best Pet Seat Covers

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

You can enjoy family excursions with the Urpower pet seat cover because of its versatile split zipper design the kids and Fido can easily share the back seat. The nonslip surface keeps your dog safe by preventing him from slipping if you slam on your brakes.  Both the durable material and side flaps keep your car seat free from hair, fur, mud, dirt and scratches.

Urpower Dog seat cover

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4Kines Car Seat Cover

Your fur friends will feel happy, safe and secure in the popular and beautifully designed 4Kines Dog hammock pet car seat. The non-slip quilted top layer is comfy and keeps him on the seat instead of the floorboard. It’s completely waterproof. To clean it wipe it with a damp towel or hose it down. An added benefit is its no-hassle lifetime warranty.

4kines dog seat cover

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Plush Paws Car Seat Cover

Plush Paws pet car seat covers offer protection from your dogs claws, paws, and dander. The well thought out design provides harnesses, seat belts, side flaps and a nonslip surface to keep your best friend happy and safe on your road trip. Its new advanced waterproof backing will trap liquid indefinitely.

Plush Paws Car seat cover

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Epica Car Seat Cover

You’ll be at ease knowing your car seat is protected and your fur friend is comfortable, happy, safe and secure riding in the back seat. The Epica pet car seat cover is quilted and has a strong plastic underside that prevents leakage and damage, keeping your seats looking like new.

Epica Dog Car Seat Cover

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MudRiver Car Seat Cover

If you and Fido love the outdoors, the Mudriver pet seat cover may be the choice for you. It’s easy to clean and is durable enough to stand up to the mud, dirt, grime, bones and sticks collected by Fido. It’s padded for maximum comfort and prevents his claws from digging into the seats.

Mudriver Pet Car seat cover

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When you choose a pet car seat cover, consider comfort, safety, design, protection factors and the different warranties each pet seat cover has. Happy travels with your fur family.

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