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The Best Dog Boot for Winter and Snow

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The Best Dog Boot for Winter and Snow

We’ve all been there. You want to go play in the snow and of course the pup has to go! Within minutes of playing in the snow your dog is already picking snowballs out of their paws and from their fur. Unfortunately your pup is pulling out more than just snow and can cause their paws to bleed and possible do damage. Also, by the time you get home they have pulled out so much hair and worked up a giant hairball that are more than happy to leave for you on the carpet. This could all be easily fixed with winter dog boot.

What is the Purpose of Winter Dog Boots?

Dog boots are great for protecting your dog’s paws snow and ice build up between their toes and getting stuck in their fur. Dog hate that feeling and will run ahead of the group, lie down for a brief moment and try to pry the snow out of their toes before running ahead again and repeating the whole process while on the trip. Dog boots not only protect their paws from the snow and cold, but from ice, rocks, and other sharp objects that could be on the ground.

Dog boots are also great for traction and ability to grip the mud and snow. When your pup is running towards you or running around a corner they won’t slip out as easily or slip into your knees (ouch!)

What to look for in Winter Dog Boots?

Size and Colors

The dog boots come in a variety of styles and colors. It is best to find a color that is bright and easy to see just in case they fall off the paws and need to be found in snow.

Velcro Strap

How do the Dog boots stay on? Most are velcro but look at how big and stable the velcro looks. We’ve had small thin velcro pieces not hold well once they got in the snow.


The bottom of the boots are important. Your pup can no long use their paws and toe nails to get traction when running and playing. Check and make sure that the bottoms have adequate traction and that they look durable.


Daylight is limited in the winter and that is when you might be using these more. Most but not all of the dog boots come with a reflective material that makes it easier to see in low light situations.

How to Measure Size for Dog Boots

You can measure by placing your dog’s paw on a piece of paper, gently pressing down on the top of the paw to mimic how the paw spreads when the dog is walking.

On the paper, mark with a pencil the left and the right side of your dog’s paw. Use this measurement to compare to the boot sizing. Although this is a good rule of thumb to approximate the size your dog will need, it will be best to use the manufacturer’s guidelines of the boots you’ve selected, just to be sure.

The Best Dog Boot to Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Ruffwear Polar Tex Boot

The Ruffwear Polar Tex Winter boots are the quintessential winter boots for dogs. They come up high on the legs so that they can protect more fur. The high sock also helps them stay on better and giving you less of a chance of them falling off. They provide excellent traction and are extremely durable, even for a pup. If you want high performance and nicely insulated boots, these are a great choice.

Ruffwear Polar Tex Dog Boots

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Ruffwear Grip Tex Dog Boot

The Ruffwear Grip Tex Boots are the smaller but just as effective version of the polar tex boots These dog boots are great at preventing snow building up between the toes but aren’t at this and don’t come up the leg as far. They are rugged and excellent for extreme environments and are more suitable for year round wear.

ruffwear grip tex dog boots

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MuttLucks Fleeced Lined Dog Boot

The MuttLucks Fleeced Lined boots are great for the winter months but at a lower price point. These boots are loose and adapt to the individual dog’s paw shape and size. The boots are fleece lined to keep paw’s nice and warm and come with an adjustable cuff.

Muttluks dog boots

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My Busy Dog Shoes

My Busy Dog Shoes are rugged, resilient, and waterproof. The wide mouth make them easy to put on and the secure strap won’t let them slide off. These boots do come in at a lower price point which also makes them so appealing for their quality. They have an anti-slip sole and reflective fastening straps easily seen in low light situations.

My busy dog dog boots

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Qumy Dog Boots

The Qumy Dog Boots are both fashionable and rugged. They have an anti-slip sole, two adjustable, reflective velcro straps to ensure a tight fit. These awesome boots even expand with a wide split seam opening to keep your dog’s paws safe and to make sure they fit on all size of paws.

Qumy Dog Boots

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Petilleur Waterproof Dog Shoes

The Petilleur Waterproof Dog Shoes are great for walking in snow. They come in at one of the lower prices so if you lose on a trip it’s no big deal. These boots are made of a tough, water resistant material. They are flexible, skid resistant, and will keep their paws protected in the cold weather.

Petilleur Waterproof Dog Shoes

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With the right selection of dog boots your fur baby can enjoy their winter adventures without suffering the side effects. They are also great for your winter walks, rough rocks, or playing on sandstone. Whatever the adventure, make sure their paws are protected for years to come.

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