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The Best Brace for Dog ACL Tears and Other Canine Knee Injuries

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picture of a dogs knee jointsAlthough it is a relatively common occurrence among our canine friends, there aren’t a lot of options out there when your dog suffers from an ACL or knee injury. Pet owners often resort to surgery, but it may not always be the best option. In some cases, conservative management will suffice, such as a brace for dog ACL tears to stabilize the knee joint.

What is the ACL in Dogs?

In comparison to the human body, the dog version of the ACL is called the Cranial Cruciate Ligament, also known as CrCL. Rupture of the CrCL is most commonly responsible for limb lameness, pain, and consequently, arthritis. The development of CrCL is much more complex than it is in humans, and the rupture can happen in different degrees – partial or complete. These injuries most often occur when the dogs plants his or her hind limbs while the momentum of the rest of the body continues to move forward.

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Would Your Pup Benefit from a Dog Knee Brace ?

Similar to how a knee brace can greatly ease the pain and discomfort of an injured ACL in a human, a brace for the injured CrCL can greatly benefit your dog, as well. A dog knee brace can especially be beneficial for older dogs and working dogs, as the brace will help reduce the pressure placed on the joints.

Symptoms of an ACL Tear in Dogs?

To identify an injured CrCL in your dog, you should look for the following signs and synptoms, in any combination

  • Low activity level
  • Uncharastically low desire to play
  • Obvious difficulty in rising from sitting or jumping into a car
  • Limping with varying severity
  • A popping noise (indicating a meniscal tear)
  • Yelping, grunts – sounds indicating pain and discomfort 

The Best Dog Knee Brace for an ACL Tear

Agon Dog Hock Joint Brace

The Agon Dog Brace is intended to provide support and stabilization to ease the dog’s pain resulting from injury and/or surgery, and to assist in lessening chronic inflammation. It is made of neoprene sponge rubber fabric, the same material used for wet suits.


  1. Lightweight and flexible
  2. Improves stability loss caused by ligaments injuries and arthritis
  3. Made with thick material (5mm of Neoprene) for extra support


  1. No real cons other than making sure it fits your pup well

Agon Dog Knee brace

Click on image for more details

Pet Lovers Dog Knee Brace

The Pet Lovers Knee Brace actually contains two braces – one for each knee. Studies have shown that when one knee is injured, the other knee is likely to decline as well. Material is a blend of neoprene and nylon, which is soft, strong, and does not irritate the skin. Also includes reflective velcro straps designed for the dog’s visibility in the dark.


  1. Material designed for comfort
  2. Reflective velcro straps intended for anti-slippage and increased visibility in the dark for your dog’s safety
  3. Lightweight, breathable, flexible, and optimal compression


  1. It’s all about fit and makig sure the size is measured correctly

Pet Lovers Knee Brace

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Coodeo Rear Leg Dog Knee Brace

The CooDeo Dog Knee Brace is made of neoprene and provides stability and support for the hind leg via compression, without compromising flexibility.  This product also markets itself as a preventative measure of elderly dogs. Same as humans, joints naturally deteriorate in dogs as they age. This product is made for dogs over 10 pounds.


  1. Does not compromise on flexibility
  2. Provides stability and support
  3. Prevents injury in elderly dogs


  1. No option available for dogs under 10 pounds 

Coodeo dog knee brace

Click on image for more details

LePark Rear Dog Leg Brace

The LePark Rear Dog Leg Brace product aims to heal pain from injury and/or surgery by providing stabilization and support and by assisting in decreasing inflammation. Also helps with the loss of stability that has been caused by arthritis or other injuries the back legs.


  1. Helps with inflammation
  2. Provides support and stabilization for most knee injuries in dogs


  1. Will slide down if the fit is not right

Lepark Rear Dog Leg Brace

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My Pro Supports Dog Leg Compression Brace

The MyProSupports Front Leg Brace prides itself in being longer than most sleeves, increasing the comfort for the consumer. The product also provides muscle warmth and enables the ease of soreness, fatigue, and cramping. Material is 70% Neoprene and 30% Nylon.


  1. The product offered in sizes S (4”- 5”), M (5” – 6”) L (6” – 7”), and XL (7” – 8”)
  2. Material designed for moisture management
  3. Longer than competing compression sleeves


  1. Sizing chart difficulties, may be best to order 2 sizes and send one back

Myprosupports dog knee brace

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Although surgery is the common response to knee injury inflicted upon dogs, a knee brace designed for canines can be an effective solution, as well, in some circumstances. Knee braces can also prevent injuries from happening for dogs in the senior category, who are more prone to injury due to arthritis and the deterioration of joints. The right knee brace(s) can improve the life of your best friend, so it is good to know there are options out there.

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